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Reinventing Education To Teach Creativity And Entrepreneurship

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As you read this, students all over the country are sitting for state standardized exams. Schools spend up to 40% of the year on test prep, so that, shall we say, no child is left behind.

ohdesiderata‘s insight:

“Kids are more than just test scores.” — Indeed, they are, but the question then becomes, ‘How do we measure things like their ability to take initiative for their learning, their ability to create, their ability to think outside the box, through standardised testing?’ Well, you can’t, especially when said tests consist of MCQs, giving students the chance to show their ability to answer, but not their ability to question or think deeply. This really explicates the problems with teaching to standardised tests — we rob students of a genuine education in thinking beyond closed questions and towards deeper understanding of their world.

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